Kand 2021

I paint that which I find mysterious. Art making is a means of processing the subconscious, the end vision providing a way to better understand ourselves and the meaning behind our shared existence. In my work this language often consists of symbolism, curious landscapes familiar yet distant, and figures that are often as confused as we are. My paintings can be moody, sometimes dark, sometimes beautiful, and usually comprised of imagery rooted in concept.

I have always believed that it is the duty of the arts to inform culture, by either providing an insightful window into the true nature of humankind, or by propelling it forward with unique ideas and techniques. There have certainly lived some true visionaries throughout art’s history, capable of influencing the ideas of scientists and philosophers alike, whose ripple we still bear witness to. Knowing this has always pushed me to want to be a better, more impactful artist in my own way. It is my goal to create works that are intellectually and emotionally challenging, so as to help promote the kind of self reflection that leads to internal growth, and hence, a more conscientious world.

My current series in progress, titled “The Green Lady Series”,  explores the shadow aspects of our inner being, the sides of ourselves that are often repressed on the outside, yet dictate much of our emotional and psychological framework. At large, the human condition -the weaknesses that can either become strengths if properly embraced, or turn us into monsters if neglected.


Zara Kand was raised in Europe and has lived in the US for the greater part of her life, creating art since old enough to hold a pencil. She has exhibited throughout numerous venues within the US and has been featured in many online and print publications. She currently lives in the California high desert where she spends most of her time oil painting, curating art shows, teaching painting classes, illustrating, and catering events.

She also is the editor of The Gallerist Speaks, an online interview series focusing on the experience of gallery owners, directors and curators. http://www.thegalleristspeaks.com

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