From the Moon postcard front From the Moon, As I Fell Poems by L.I. Henley and Paintings by Zara Kand

 A collection of poems and paintings born from the creative inquiries that arise in an era of isolation, anxiety, and self reliance. Herein are what poet L.I. Henley and painter Zara Kand call emotional landscapes, set within the backdrop of the Mojave Desert.

Trade paperback -$15 + shipping, purchase via Paypal below. Sales will be donated to the California Fire Foundation’s SAVE program.

 Interiors and Exteriors

Art books by Zara Kand (Cholla Needles Press)  $14 each



Limited Edition ART PRINTS 

8″x10″ -$30 Ea          16″x20″ -$75 Ea

Archival paper with lustre coating, signed & numbered

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